Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Really Stepped In It

Last week my mom sent me an email with the subject line "Poop."  This isn't particularly odd, considering the sense of humor in our family.  I opened the email to see this video:

Sure, it was funny, but the point was, as my mother pointed out later when she posted the video to her Facebook page, that it was a "WashingTina moment."   I had forgotten about it until yesterday when I saw this article in The Washington Post.  And that got me thinking about poop and something that happened to me in elementary school.

I was in the third grade and it was a spring afternoon.  The weather had gotten nice, and I was wearing a pair of white sandals that went with my outfit.  We were having story time (or whatever it was called) in the afternoon, sitting in a circle, listening to our teacher read us a story.  And I had to go.  I asked the teacher, got the pass, and slipped out the door.  The girl's bathroom was maybe three or four doors down the hall.  As I pushed open the door and walked into the bathroom, I stepped in something.  Something that shouldn't have been there.  Poop.  I slipped out of my shoe, leaving my cute sandal stuck in the mystery poop, and hopped down the hall to my classroom.

I don't remember the exact details of what happened next, but I will never forget the conversation that followed.  My teacher, Miss Massey, looked at me and knew something was up.

Miss Massey:  What happened to your shoe?
WashingTina:  It's in the bathroom. 
MM:  Why?
WT:  Because I stepped in poop. 
MM:  Where?
WT:  In the bathroom. 
MM:  What was it doing there?  
WT:  I don't know.  
MM:  Was it yours?
WT:  No. 
MM:  Who's poop was it?
WT:  I don't know.
MM:  How did it get there?
WT:  I don't know.  
I can't remember what happened next, but I'm guessing a janitor was summoned to clean up the mess and retrieve my shoe.  We never did find out the owner of the mystery poop, either.  But one thing's for certain, I never wore those shoes again.  I guess my mom was right, it was a WashingTina moment . . . so where are my royalties?


  1. LOL. My favorite part of that ... "how did it get there?" Well ... it's a bathroom :)

  2. My favorite part is "Who's is it?" That still cracks me up 25 years later!