Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gotta Have It

With 50 mile per hour wind gusts, snow drifts, and sideways falling snow, there really is no reason to go outside. So why would an otherwise sensible person and her equally sensible husband venture out into the blizzard? One reason only: McDonald's. Really, who can resist a fried burger and the salty goodness of their fries?

Because we are a sensible couple, WH called the Mickey D's on 18th and Columbia before we bundled up and left, and (hooray!) they were open. So we layered on our gear (I opted for the plastic bags to protect my feet from my leaky boots) and set out on our two block mission of mercy (our own). There were very few people out, which is strange for our neighborhood. At one point, we climbed onto a snowdrift and quickly fell in up to our hips. But we had our goal in sight (though barely in the white out conditions), and persisted.

When we got there, McDonald's was eerily quiet. There were a few people sleeping in the booths, and three people behind the counter. We ordered and watched as they put a fresh basket of fries in the grease. It doesn't get better than that! The clerk looked slightly confused that we wanted to take our food to go, but it's much better to enjoy in pajamas than bundled up. While we were waiting the two minutes for the fries to cook, an elderly lady came in. She was wearing a showercap, and though she looked crazy, she was really friendly. She even thanked the people behind the counter for "being open."

Our food was ready and we headed back to our snow cave. Once we got back, WH declared, "You know, we should be in a McDonald's commercial after that. I mean, when you gotta have it, you just gotta have it." Truer words were never spoken.

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  1. Have to admit...I would have done the same for some fast food!