Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiku for Haiti

I'm going to veer a little off topic (Washington) for a bit tonight. Like much of the world, I've been so moved by the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti that I want to do something to help. The images are gut wrenching, the devastation debilitating.

Today on my Facebook page, I asked all my friends to post a Haiku for Haiti . . . and for every haiku posted, I'd donate $1 to the relief efforts. They responded with gusto -- at last count there were 50 haiku (and a total raised of $400) -- and several friends even said they'd match whatever the final number was. Not only was it something kind of fun, but also made me feel like I was at least doing something. My friends rose to the occasion with generosity that wasn't necessarily unexpected, but heartwarming never the less.

I want to share some of the haiku here in the hopes that maybe it will inspire others to give.

Obama now speaks:
"losses are nothing less than
devastating." sad.

Haiti needs our help
Hispanola cries in pain
Will the world respond?

Haiti, oh Haiti
The land of my forefathers
Help the people live

Losses are too great
Despair prevails all around
Haiti's in our hearts

It makes me wonder
If we can all be helpful
More often than now...

Our Haitian neighbors
don't need devil-doom preachers
they need our support!

Earthquake Tragedy
Helps bring mankind together
Praying for Haiti.

Haiti in my prayers
Together we all can help
All our love and peace

I was not the first
but even if I am last
still obliged to help

Thank you my wonderful friends! What can YOU do to help? A list of charities below are already on the ground in Haiti, providing resources directly to the people in need.

Save the Children

Doctors Without Borders

United Methodist Committee on Relief

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