WashingTina News

1/7/2011 - Pants optional? D.C.-area blogs
Happy 1st Blogiversary to WashingTina – one of our favorite bloggers. Here’s to many more years of blogging.

7/8/10 - Gird Your Liver: The WMATA Drinking Game
Fabulously forward-thinking local blogger WashingTina offers up the WMATA Drinking Game -- so even if your trip is hot and horrendous, you won't end up caring all that much.

7/23/10 - DC Blogger WashingTina highlights the oddly humorous moments of living in our nation's capitol
Given her unique sense of humor and an overnight success at creating a new pasttime for commuters, it was only proper to have a chat with WashingTina to find out more about this DC personality.

8/2/10 - Beautiful Blogger Award

8/6/10 - Aisle surfing, breakfast pizza: 5 D.C. blogs
If you commute by bus – or even Metro – you’ll appreciate these tips from WashingTina on aisle surfing, or how not to end up in another passenger’s lap when no seats on the bus are available. And I agree -- I have a hard time staying balanced standing still in four-inch heels without having to do so on Metrobus.

9/23/10 - Meet the Faregate Moron
The Faregate Moron, the Pole Dancer – recognize these creatures? WashingTina describes the unique characters found at the Metro station.

11/16/10 - Are you a plastic bag pariah?
WashingTina blogs about her experience as a “"Plastic Bag Pariah.” I totally sympathize. Indeed -- the SHAME.