Friday, November 6, 2015

I am 40.

Today I am 40. It's a milestone, to be sure. But it's one that's a little harder to face than previous ones (here's why). Rather than wallow or feel sorry for myself, I'm going to practice self care in the form of self love. A friend on Twitter yesterday (when I was still 39) suggested that I mark the end of my 30s by giving myself 39 compliments. I didn't quite get around to it, but I've decided to kick off 40 with 40 compliments for instead. Here goes:
  1. I'm tough. 
  2. I've got a great head of hair.
  3. Loyal, almost to a fault (but we're dealing in compliments here, not faults).
  4. I have low blood pressure  (which should not be underestimated as one ages).
  5. No wrinkles! (Also should not be underestimated)
  6. I will laugh with you and cry with you, because I really do care.
  7. I'm a pretty damn good writer. 
  8. I make a mean chili, burrito, and chicken soup (but not all in the same pot).
  9. My eyes (my best feature) are pretty.
  10. I work hard.
  11. I play harder.
  12. I love big.
  13. I will never forget your birthday. 
  14. I can bargain shop better than anyone (have I mentioned the $150 Manolos)?
  15. I'm smart.
  16. I'm a smart ass (a trait I value in others as much as in myself). 
  17. I'm great at planning things, especially parties.
  18. I have good taste (subjective, to be sure, but it's my compliment, so I say I do).
  19. I'm a connector...nothing is more fun than making sure great people know each other. 
  20. I can sew on a button (we're only halfway there, and this is getting hard).
  21. Getting hard? That's what she said! I can make a TWSS joke with the best of 'em.
  22. I have a great sense of humor (see above).
  23. I have soft hands.
  24. I'm up on current events. 
  25. I genuinely care about people and the world we live in.
  26. I'm a fast typist. 
  27. I can name all the Supreme Court Justices and every member of the Brady Bunch without Googling it.
  28. I'm pretty good with makeup (my own...sorry about your face).
  29. I know all the words to American Pie.
  30. I love giving gifts and will pick the perfect one just for you. 
  31. I am a champion napper.
  32. I'm a wonderful auntie to all my littles.
  33. I've got great manners. I always say please and thank you, and mean it.
  34. I'm good at putting things in perspective. 
  35. I've got faults, and I'm willing to acknowledge and accept what they are. 
  36. I will always try to see both sides of the story, even if I only agree with one of them.
  37. I'm a good swimmer (even though I hate the water).
  38. I can see the beauty in simple things.
  39. I'm the best friend I can be. I live for my friends. When I die, I want my tombstone to say, simply, "She was a good friend."
  40. I know who I am, and I love her. 
Compliment yourself. Whether you're 40 or 20 or 80 or anywhere in between. Don't wait for a milestone.


  1. Number 41: I make other people (including, ahem, friends made from Twitter) feel valued and appreciated and have impeccable timing with sending just the right DM. <3

  2. You are also creative and always smell nice, well I think you do. I've never smelled you after a gym session sooo... ��
    My favorite on your list is #22 (see above for the reason why.).
    See what I did there?
    Happy birthday my dear friend. Hugs in abundance coming to ya.

    1. I love you and our adventures together. Never forget New Orleans, baby!

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