Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Case of Mistaken Identity

I was out for drinks earlier this week and my sister relayed a story to me that is too good not to share.  As I've mentioned, I had (and am still getting over, if we're to be honest) Royal Wedding Fever last week.  It seems that I was not alone, because as my sister was cutting a client's hair (she's a hairdresser-duh) last Saturday the topic came up.  And this is where the story gets good.

The client, a young woman of about 24, was talking about the fashions (and the hats, oh the hats!).  Tongues were already wagging about Princess Beatrice's ridiculous chapeau.   Here's how it happened:

Princess Beatrice via Jezebel

Client: So I saw Fergie's daughters at the wedding.

Sister: Oh yeah?  I heard about their hats. 
After a little more conversation about the hats, the conversation turned back to Fergie. 
Client:  Isn't Fergie too young to have kids that age?

Sister:  I don't think so.  She must be close to 50 by now.

Client:  Really?  Wow.  She looks great for her age!

Sister:  She really does.  It must be Weight Watchers.

Client:  What do you mean?

Sister:  Oh, she used to advertise for Weight Watchers. 

Client:  I don't remember that.

Sister:  Well, it was a few years ago.

Client:  Wow.  She has really been busy.  I mean, when did she find time to sing with the Black Eyed Peas?  

And that's how it happened, folks.  How my sister met the biggest idiot in Washington, D.C.  Kinda makes you fear for our future, doesn't it?  She went on to explain to her client the difference between Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Stacy Ferguson, the singer who peed in her pants during a concert.  Then again, I'd pay good money to see Sarah Ferguson do a lavish musical number with the Black Eyed Peas wouldn't you?
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York via NY Post
Not to be confused with:

Stacy Ferguson, The Black Eyed Pea via NY Mag


  1. oh. dear. lord. that is simultaneously HILARIOUS and PATHETIC.

  2. I know, that's exactly what I thought. Expecially in the context of the royal wedding...I could see getting the two confused by name, it's an honest mistake, but when talking about the royals, there is only ONE Fergie.

  3. I think my brain stopped for a few seconds to let that level of stupidity pass it by...

  4. LOL! That was pretty know the second BEP Fergie's nickname comes from the duchess' nickname :)

  5. So funny! Way back in the 80s I thought Bono was Sonny Bono's son. I'm not proud...

    xo Susie

    Ps the duchess is way better looking than the bep!

  6. I get mistaken for Katy Perry all the time. We look so much alike, and all.

    Also, this post made me lolz

  7. That was too funny...and sad. Fergalicious!