Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here's the Kicker

In the context of a project we were working on, my boss was telling me a story today about a party she was at with Supreme Court Justice Breyer.  You know, a typical Washington story.  I'll bet you'd never guess where this party was?  If you guessed at The Watergate, you'd be right on the money.  Because where else do you suppose Supreme Court Justices party? This got me thinking about a party I attended with a Supreme Court Justice.  Yeah, that's right, I'm from Washington and I can name drop too!

A few years back, the organization I worked for was having its annual conference, and Sandra Day O'Connor was scheduled to speak.  It was customary to invite the speakers to attend the receptions, but they never actually did.  Flash forward to the reception: I was waiting in the receiving line with some of my colleagues to greet and congratulate the president of our board of directors.  It was nearly our turn when this little old lady walked up and cut in line in front of us.  I elbowed my friend and said, "Hey, kick that old lady. She cut in line."  Do you see where this story is going?  My coworker said, "Sandra Day O'Connor?  You want me to kick Sandra Day O'Connor?" Cue jaw drop. 

The Justice had dropped in on the party and spent the next hour or so mingling with staff and leadership of the organization.  She was incredibly gracious and friendly, and even took a few moments to give some improptu remarks to the group.  I approached her and introduced myself and she was absolutely lovely.   And not just because she was afraid I might kick her and run away.  I learned my lesson that day, friends:  never kick an old lady and/or a Supreme Court Justice (sitting or retired), even if she cuts in line.

P.S. Just so you don't think that I'm really the sort of person who goes around kicking old ladies and Supreme Court Justices, I was at an event last year with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and I didn't even think about kicking her. So there.


  1. Not kicking old ladies? probably a good policy. cute story, T.

  2. It's because Ruth rocks some awesome lace collars ;-)