Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Listen to Your Inner Voice

I've been having a bout with a recurring stiff neck, so I was telling WH that I probably needed to go back to yoga.  He agreed that it would probably make me feel better, but he also reminded me of a little something he likes to call "The Seven Steps to Get Deleted From My Cell Phone."  Just one of these things on its own won't get a person deleted, it's a process that builds on each step, so one must check all seven boxes in order to be deleted.  Let's examine them for a moment, shall we (in his words):
  1. Start taking yoga.
  2. After taking yoga for a while, a regular plastic yoga mat will not do.  You have to order one from India made out of natural fibers with a handmade mat carrier.
  3. Then become a vegetarian.
  4. After that, start talking about how much better you feel now that you've given up meat.
  5. Start talking with your "inner voice" and blinking slower than normal people. [This one was my particular favorite, as he demonstrated the "inner voice" as being soft and calm and sort of whispery, with the slow blink.]
  6. When you catch me eating a burger, you look at me with disgust and say, "Meat is murder!" and instead invite me to lunch at an Indian buffet.
  7. Invite me to join you. I'm all for athletics, I love sports and a healthy lifestyle, but don't invite me.  I respect your right to do all this stuff, but I do not like to be invited and I don't like to join!
yoga dog
Image courtesy of istolethetv via Flickr.
So you can imagine my concern about starting yoga again.  For the record, we don't know any people like this (I'm not sure there even are any people like this), so I'm not sure where this graphic portrait comes from.  And I'm pretty sure my love of bacon cheeseburgers will save me.  That and the fact that my inner voice is that of a loudmouthed Italian. 


  1. Eat, Pray, Love on your own time!

  2. I'm curious as to where you were doing yoga! I've been going to a place that I really like, but their schedule is somewhat limited in beginners classes, so maybe I should consider a second spot?

  3. I was going to Tranquil Space on 17th, and they have really good classes. I've been wanting to try others too. I have a friend who teaches at Little Om, but it's not easy for me to get to. So...I'm in search of...

  4. I've been going to Capitol Hill Yoga, at Penn & 7th and I really like it. It's great also, as it is close to home.

    Where is Little Om? I don't know that one!

  5. I have to ask my friend. I think it's up on McArthur Blvd somewhere (upper NW).