Thursday, March 4, 2010

Take Pity on the Working Man

Last night, after Law & Order, Channel 4 showed a teaser about booze prices going up in Maryland. This set WH off on one of his famous ruminations. It went something like this:

WH: What? First they raise the prices on Metro, and now on booze? What about the miners?
WT: The miners?
WH: Miners, you know, working people.
Hardworking people whose only pleasure in life is having a beer with their buddies.
WT: Miners?
WH: Yes. And factory workers who like to have a couple of Buds with their friends. It's not fair. It's all they have.
WT: What about lawyers?
WH: The lawyers can afford their fancy drinks.
WT: But not the miners?
WH: Why are you mocking me? Why don't you have a little compassion? The workers of this country are being bullied, and it's just too much. When will it stop? First it was the airlines and Metro, and now they want to take their Bud away? It's disgusting!

This went on for some time. WH seemed to be honestly upset about the price hike (which at the time, we didn't know what it would amount to, as we hadn't stayed on the channel long enough to watch the actual story), but the thing with him is, you never can tell when he's joking and when he's being serious. But regardless of whether or not he was being serious, he does raise a good point. When will it be enough? With Metro fares having gone up ten cents this week, and now booze in Maryland likely to go up the same amount, it does make you wonder where you'd like to spend your extra dime. And at the end of the day, I'm with the miners. I choose booze.

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  1. Sasan is too funny! I need someone like him around to keep me laughing!