Friday, February 5, 2010

Observations on Snowtorious B.I.G.

It's all anyone can talk about. It's made the front page of all the major news sites. It's a trending topic (actually several) on Twitter. That's right, the blizzard is on everyone's minds. I don't really have much new to say on the subject, short of a few observations from my return commute this afternoon. My office closed at 1:00, but since it was merely wet, I met a friend for lunch and returned to work a little longer. When I left at 3:00, I had the following experiences:

  • Waiting on the bus stop for no more than 10 minutes, I watched four salt trucks go by, spreading salt on the very wet roads. It felt a little premature to me.
  • Two fellow bus riders waiting on the stop struck up a conversation about two different chili cookoffs they were attending this weekend. Rider #1 was something of a gourmand (using Muscato braised pork shoulder, ground lamb, and duck sausage for his chilli), while Rider #2 was a vegetarian, making vegan chili.
  • People were slightly panicked on the bus. There was a hum of concern when the bus stopped at the corner 20th and Q, while the driver waiting for his delayed replacement. Several riders got off in a huff to brave the wetness on their own, sans bus.
  • Getting on the bus, who should I run into but my favorite passenger, Fur Coat Lady, decked out in her German Shepherd coat and hat. I didn't get close enough to smell her, but I am starting to wonder what she does and where works. Somehow we are on similar schedules.

WH and I are off to brave the storm to meet a friend for drinks and dinner down the street. Wish us luck!

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