Friday, January 8, 2010

Marshal Plan

Life in my house tends to be pretty hilarious. This is due to the fact that my Wonderful Husband (WH) is a laugh riot. Take for instance a conversation we had last night. He came home and asked me, deadpan, what I would think of a career as an Air Marshal. WH has never expressed any interest in Homeland Security (other than speaking with general derision when going through airport screening), so this struck me as amusing. Turns out CNN had run a story about the need for Air Marshals in the D.C. area, and WH was wondering what that might entail.

Our conversation went something like this:

Wonderful Husband : Do you think they get to sit on the aisle? Or maybe they get to sit in first class.
WashingTina: I don't know.
WH: I think they probably get to sit on the aisle. The airlines are too cheap to let them fly first class. But I bet they used to get to fly first class.
WT: Hmm, I don't know.
WH: I think with the size of the "new Americans," they have to put them in the aisle. Can you imagine if there was an emergency and the Marshal was trapped between two people in the middle seat? How would you get your gun out?
WT: (openmouthed stare)
WH: It would make me feel totally safer if they're sitting on the aisle, because if they're sitting in the window, god help us all.
WT: Uh. . .
WH: And do you think they have to pay for the snacks on the plane or do they get them for free? I think if they get them for free, people would be suspicious, so they probably have to pay, but maybe when they get off the plane at the end of the flight the flight attendents give their $5 back. Or maybe they just bring their own snacks . . . because you don't want eat McDonald's in the airport all the time, so next time we fly we should look for the person with the Tupperware.
WT: (more gawping, laughing)
WH: I wonder if they get free flights for vacation. And where do they meet girls -- the airport giftshop? And what if they accidentally fall alseep during the flight? Do the flight attendants have to wake them up? These are the things that I wonder.

And so it went all evening. Never a dull moment.

In fact, just tonight, he asked me if my blog was PG-13, R rated, or TV-MA, and informed that what has been proven in show business is that a successful program has some comedy, some gossip, and some nudity. While I can't promise nudity, there will definitely be comedy, and maybe a little gossip from time to time.


  1. I think WH is asking all the right questions. Are you sure he's not on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence?

  2. ROTFLMAO, WashingTina! I can completely picture WH (who really is a WH, BTW) having that conversation with himself (which, effectively, it was...let's be honest--your presence was a mere catalyst for his musings). Love that guy!!

  3. I knew I liked WH for a reason! :)